Ben and Katelyn

Design + Build

Ben and Katelyn are a husband + wife team that specialize in turnkey services for fine custom homes. Combining their trades as a general contractor and interior designer, they work together to dramatically enhance your home building experience and results.  From initial architecture to the smallest of finishing details, they are both committed to thoughtfully and successfully create your Ideal home.

Ben Anderton | General Contractor

Ben is a 2nd generation general contractor who is grateful to have learned so much first hand working with his dad, Rick. Ben enjoys the spatial and building design process to make a house truly feel like your home. Quality and comfort are of utmost priority when creating and implementing a building plan. Energy efficiency is also of high importance in the homes he builds. That is why he uses ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) from the foundation all the way to the roof trusses in most of his new builds. Creating the best building experience possible is a goal that he strives for on each project. 

Ben received his Bachelors degree from the University of Utah in Economics with a Minor in Chinese. Naturally, this educational course lead him to become a general contractor.....

Katelyn Anderton | Interior Designer

Katelyn loves to see beautiful spaces function for individuals and families.  She believes design is multifaceted and should be hand tailored to a clients preferences and lifestyle.  She believes a home should feel comfortable, physically and emotionally, and that design can help set the stage for those feelings to abound.  She loves fulfilling the unique needs of each client by designing a beautiful space that works for THEM, not a space that they work in or around. 

Katelyn received her Bachelors degree from the University of Utah in Interpersonal communications with an Entrepreneurship minor as well as a degree from Ensign College in Interior Design.

Why Work with Both of Us?

The benefit of using us both is best illustrated with a story. Have you heard of draft horses?  The famous Clydesdales you see at Christmastime are one type. They are BIG horses.  Alone, they can pull up to 8,000 pounds. You would assume that 2 draft horses can pull double together, right? Actually, no. Together they can pull 24,000 pounds—that’s 3x what one can do alone! Even more astounding is that when 2 draft horses have been trained together and are accustomed to working together, they 4x their individual pulling capacity to reach 32,000 pounds.



We have been training together in the sweetest and most difficult parts of life and know that our capacity and creativity is multiplied when we work together.  We enjoy being with one another and have discovered that working together not only brings us a great amount of joy, it also brings significantly more value to our clients.