Our Why

We often get asked why we want to do this business.  Trust us, its not an easy one to be in.  There are a thousands upon thousands of decisions to be made and plenty of stressors. Our Answer: 


We love the creative process and watching something that we drew on paper come to life through many different qualified hands.  

We love capturing a Family in a Home. 

In short, its fun.  Fun for us and we believe we can make it fun for you. 

There are things we do differently than most.  Other firms usually start as a building firm and eventually hire their own in house designers as they grow.  Or they start as a design firm and create strong collaboration with builders they are used to working with.  


We are a Design Build firm from the beginning, meaning that we do all the interior and exterior design as well as manage the actual general contracting work and building of the home.  We have discovered that this is a huge benefit to our clients.  


The benefits are most easily explained from a story that I read over 10 years ago.  I came in a  banking newsletter to my email and for whatever reason I actually opened it.  It told of the power of draft horses, huge in size and unmatched in power. The famous Clydsdales you see in Christmas ads are one type. Alone,  a draft horse can pull up to 8,000 pounds. 

You would assume that 2 draft horses can pull double together, right? Actually, no. Together they can pull 24,000 pounds—that’s 3x what one can do alone! Even more astounding is that when 2 draft horses have been trained together and are accustomed to working together, they 4x their individual pulling capacity to reach 32,000 pounds.

Ben and I have been training together in the sweetest and most difficult parts of life and business for many years now. We know that our capacity and creativity is multiplied when we work together.  We enjoy being with one another and have discovered that working together not only brings us a great amount of joy, it also brings significantly more value to our clients. 

Communication is more clear, less mistakes happen, challenges get resolved quickly, and decisions can be made more efficiently and much more effectively.  Your home, and your wallet, will surely thank you for the increased effectiveness. 

We would be genuinely honored to design and build your forever family home.  We will guide you through every step of the process and ensure that the day you turn that key, you walk in feeling like the edifice we build was made for you all along.