How To: Hanging Wall Gallery with Picture Rails

Hanging photos and art…. Love it? Or hate it?  I don’t know why but it always seems to make it to the bottom of my list, even though as a designer I know the value and personalization that comes from hanging art and photographs.  It really turns any space into a home.  In fact, great art can make other unsightly aspects of your current home disappear to the eye. Can’t replace that carpet yet?  Hate the color of your flooring? Not ready to invest in a new sofa?  Focus on art and I promise you those things will be MUCH less annoying than they may currently be.  

We are renting a home and have debated what to do about hanging photographs and art.  Thankfully a few holes in the wall don’t scare us off because we know how easy they are to fix, but our practical minds always weigh the effort it will take to fill all those holes. 

One solution that I love is by implementing a gallery wall system.  They look gorgeous and luxurious from a design standpoint and have an added bonus of creating a lot less holes than hanging each piece of art or photograph on its own.  I have been scouring and searching and here are a few of my favorites thus far. 

Collier Webb

Collier Webb has the highest quality and most customization of all the picture rails I’ve encountered.  Each rail can be up to 8ft long.  If longer rails are needed they can be put together with attachments that look great.  If your ready to really hang beautiful art in a ssophisticated way, they are way to go. 

Ballard Design

I love this rail by Ballard Design.  The design is simple but has a beautiful personality.  It also comes with 6 chains and seems to be the most straightforward option I have found.  You can easily swap out art pieces with this system and it comes with additional hooks and s-hooks to be able to do so. It also comes in brass or oil rubbed Bronze. Its beautiful and really the easiest install I’ve seen. 

Pottery Barn

Another beautiful option, this one from Pottery barn, would be a stand out.  While you could hang aft from the hooks, to get varying height you would need to purchase chains like the ones below.  The biggest struggle here would be matching the finish color.  Even if the names match, unless they are made from the same manufacturer it is incredibly difficult to match a metals finish.  I would suggest using a different finish altogether for the chains instead of ones that would be similar but not match.   You can find Gold Chains Here and Wired Hooks Here.

Regardless of which option you choose, hang the art!  You’ll be socked atthe emotional difference it will make to your home.  Follow us over on Instagram to see all the art we will be haning over the coming weeks and months in our new home.